2.6 A. Research and Evaluations


Learning Disabilities and Gender Based Violence – Literature Review

Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability & NHS Scotland (2011)

This review searched electronic data bases using a range of keywords for both Learning Disabilities and Gender-based Violence from 1990 to October 2010.

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Daisie Project: violence Against Disabled Women Survey

Wise Women (2010)

A Report by Wise Women based on a survey of disabled women in Glasgow which shows the extent and impact of violence against disabled women and highlights different and additional experiences of abuse and discrimination.

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Making the Links: disabled women and domestic violence

Hague, G. et al. (2008)

This is the final report on the first ever national UK study of the needs of disabled women experiencing domestic violence and of the services available to meet these needs. For many years, Women’s Aid, together with many disabled women activists and some disability organisations, has recognised the lack in the UK both of national research, and of systematic services and policies, on disability and domestic abuse.

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Good Intentions - Disabling Realities: disabled women experiencing domestic violence

Radford, J. et al. (2005)

Produced on behalf of the Middlesborough Domestic Violence Forum, the study aims to explore the ways in which domestic violence impacts on women with disabilities, the extent of this problem, the needs presented by this group of women, the appropriateness and accessibility of domestic violence services, and the gaps in current service provision.

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Silent Voices: women and disabilities and family and domestic violence

Cockram, J. (2003)

Research produced by a community based research team consisting of a number of organisations in Western Australia.

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Abuse and Women with Disabilities

Nosek, M.A. and Howland, C.A. (1998)

This US paper gives an overview of prevalence, and interventions available for survivors with disabilities and a critique of studies that have been produced on this topic.

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