International advertising campaigns


No to Violence Against Women

Create 4 the UN (2011)

United Nations European Advertising Competition. Every vote cast will be submitted as an Action to the Say No - UNITE Campaign.

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Use Your Strength trailer

Men Can Stop Rape (2011)

This is the trailer for the film "Use Your Strength" which introduces Men Can Stop Rape's award-winning youth development programs. Through this dynamic and entertaining video, educators and youth-serving professionals get an inside look at the Men of Strength Club and Men Creating Change meetings to learn how "dominant stories" and "counterstories" of masculinity help young men play a role in constructing a world free of violence against women and girls - a world that will benefit us all.

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National Domestic Violence Help Line Advert

Coalition Against Battered Women: Domestic Abuse (2010)

Video campaign by the Coalition Against Battered Women

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A Man Who Mistreats His Wife

Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes

Each year a national campaign about domestic violence is held in Framce around International Day Against Violence Against Women on 25th November. In 2006 the theme focused on the consequences of a violent environment on children.

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RED Flag Campaign

Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance

The Red Flag Campaign is a US based statewide public awareness campaign to address dating violence and promote its prevention on Virginia's college campuses, which is now being offered to and launched on campuses nationally.

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Regrets of a Man

Pablo Olmos Arrayales.

Short video clip from Mexican freelance writer and director Pablo Olmos Arrayales.

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RISE-NOW  Campaign

Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA (2007)

The goal of RISE-NOW is to spread awareness of resources available to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. The students created four posters, a website filled with local and national resources, and a brochure (several of which were attached to each poster in a small paper holder). The posters, which were hung up in local bars, restaurants, and stores as well as on campus, are available as hi-res downloadable PDFs.

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Someone is doing the same

United Nations

To support the UN in its fight against child violence, ashtrays were placed in restaurants, bars and clubs around Mexico City. Printed in the ashtray, people could see the face of a kid made out of ashes, and they could read: 'Somebody is doing the same but not on an ashtray'.

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Take Back Your Words

Women’s Aid Organisation of Malaysia

A poster campaign to encourage people to speak up against female abuse. The posters, portraying women of different ages, were covered in post−it notes bearing insults, and viewers were urged to 'take back the abusive words' by removing the post−it notes and signing the petition on the back.

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The Threat Isn't on the Outside


Three advertisements from the women's aid centre in Israel to highlight how most women are threatened with violence and abuse inside their homes.

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Atlanta Child Prostitution PSA

Women in Film and Television Atlanta

WIFA (Women in Film and Television Atlanta) have created a series of PSAs to promote awareness of the child prostitution problem in Atlanta. The Juvenile Justice Fund sponsored the production of the PSAs for The Center to End Adolescent Sexual Exploitation (CEASE) in conjunction with the Mayor's Task Force to End Child Prostitution in Atlanta.

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