7.12 A. Research and Evaluations


Joint CPS and Police Rape Action Plan

Crown Prosecution Service & Metropolitan Police Service (2014)

The Director of Public Prosecutions and the national policing lead for adult sexual offences set out their clear commitment to addressing the issues preventing rape cases from successfully progressing through the criminal justice system.

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MPA Domestic and Sexual Violence Board Final Report

Metropolitan Police Authority (2011)

This report shows the outcomes from five years of work to monitor and improve the police response to domestic and sexual violence in London.

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The MPS Report of Domestic Violence Homicide Reviews for Financial Year 2008/09

Metropolitan Police Service (2010)

This is the Metropolitan Police Service’s first annual report, which relates to those Domestic Violence Homicide reviews conducted within the Metropolitan Police Area during financial year 2008/2009.

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Will she be safe? A critical analysis of risk assessment in domestic violence cases

Hoyle, C. (2008) [abstract]

This article describes the emergence of risk assessment and management tools in the UK police response to domestic violence over the past few years and considers the potential and pitfalls of a risk management approach to domestic violence. This article is based on analysis of policy documents, arrest statistics, a sample of 35 domestic violence victim safety plans, and interviews with senior police officers. It will draw on these resources to consider the extent to which police risk assessment and management in cases of domestic violence gets the balance right.

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Without Consent: HMCPSI and HMIC Thematic Report

H M Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate and H M Inspectorate of Constabulary (2007)

In 2002, HMIC and HMCPSI published a joint thematic inspection report on the investigation and prosecution of rape offences. The report made a total of 18 recommendations and three suggestions to improve the investigation of rape cases by the police. This review was conducted to assess progress against the recommendations and suggestions of the 2002 inspection.

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A Review of Rape Investigations in the MPS

Deputy Commissioner’s Command, Directorate of Strategic Development and Territorial Policing, Project Sapphire (2005)

This review was carried out to advance the Metropolitan Police Service’s understanding of rape investigation. Through a combination of bespoke research on rape allegations and an exploration of the management support to rape investigation, to find better ways to investigate the reports of rape coming to its attention. It offers some speculative hypotheses that require further investigation.

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Arresting Evidence: Domestic Violence and Repeat Victimisation

Hanmer, J. et al. (1999)

This Police Research Series Paper 104 comprises the review of a police project to reduce repeat victimisation through a three tiered programme of operational interventions.

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Policing Domestic Violence: Effective Organisational Structures

Plotnikoff, J. and Woolfson, R. (1998)

This paper aims to identify the range and respective strengths and weaknesses of the various organisational structures and processes for responding to domestic violence in place in different forces; and consider the extent to which forces adopt different roles in respect to policing domestic violence.

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