7.11 B. Guidance and Resources

Code of Practice for Victims of Crime

Ministry of Justice (2013)

This Code of Practice for Victims of Crime forms a key part of the wider Government strategy to transform the criminal justice system by putting victims first, making the system more responsive and easier to navigate.

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Witness Charter

Criminal Justice System (2013)

The Witness Charter outlines the service witnesses should receive from the police and other criminal justice agencies. It brings together, for the first time, standards that already exist through the No Witness No Justice programme and the Policing Pledge, to try and ensure every witness gets a level of service tailored to their needs. The Witness Charter builds on the Victims’ Code.

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Action Dispels Fear: a best practice guide for tackling witness intimidation

Criminal Justice System (2012)

This guide pulls together some of the best practice from around the country for managing intimidated witnesses. It focuses on multi-agency working and highlights ways to build and maintain an intimidated witness’s trust, so that they feel confident about remaining engaged in the criminal justice process.

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CPS: Policy for Prosecuting Cases of Rape

Crown Prosecution Service (2012)

This document explains the way the CPS deals with cases in which an allegation of rape has been made.

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CPS: Policy for Prosecuting Cases of Domestic Violence

Crown Prosecution Service (2009)

This document explains the way the CPS deals with cases of domestic violence. It gives advice on how cases are prosecuted and what victims can expect from the CPS and is useful for those supporting victims of domestic violence whether professionally or personally.

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The Crown Prosecution Service Violence Against Women: strategy and action plans

CPS Equality and Diversity Unit (2008)

The development of the violence against women strategy (which includes domestic violence) sets out a vision for the CPS to develop work in this area, building on the work of 2006-07 and provides supporting action plans.

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Prosecuting Domestic Violence

Reed, J. (2008)

Powerpoint presentation given by the Head of Homicide Division at the CPS.

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On the Edge of Objectivity: community engagement as a means of improving prosecutions

Collier, R. (2006)

Article written by a former head of Equalities and Diversity at the Crown Prosecution Service from 2000-2003. It details the steps taken to improve CPS engagement with the community to improve domestic violence prosecutions.

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<The Use of Expert Witness Testimony in the Prosecution of Domestic Violence

Dempsey, M. (2004)

The potential use of expert witnesses by the Crown Prosecution Service within domestic violence cases is explored within this report as part of a programme of initiatives being considered to improve the effective prosecution of domestic violence cases.

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