7.10 A. Research and Evaluations

From Report to Court: Rape cases and the Criminal Justice System in the North East

Hester, M. (2013)

This research, commissioned by the Foundation and carried out by Prof. Marriane Hester OBE, examines progression of individual cases relating to rape through the criminal justice system, from reporting to conviction, across three police force areas in the North East of England. The study came about due to concerns within the criminal justice sector in the region that little is known about the detailed pattern of progression, attrition or related criminal justice system practice in rape cases.

Report to Court - Executive Summary

Report to Court - Full Report

Justice with Safety: specialist domestic violence courts review

Crown Prosecution Service (2008)

This report outlines the findings of a review of the first 23 SDVCs which were established as part of the SDVC Programme which commenced in April 2006.

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Early Evaluation of the Integrated Domestic Violence Court, Croydon

Hester, M. et al. (2008)

Produced on behalf of the Ministry of Justice this report aims to provide a ‘snapshot’ of the progress of the new court after 12 months, identify emerging issues and offer recommendations for policy and good practice.

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Survivors’ Views 2005-06: specialist domestic violence court briefing paper no. 3

Standing Together (2007)

Standing Together collected feedback from survivors in order to get their views on the changes made to practice to identify what was working well and where there was room for improvement in the delivery of the SDVC in West London.

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Evaluation of Domestic Violence Pilot Sites at Caerphilly (Gwent) and Croydon 2004/05

Vallely, C. et al. (2005)

This report constitutes the final evaluation of the Domestic Violence Pilot Sites at Caerphilly (in Gwent, Wales) and Croydon (in London, England). The Crown Prosecution Service published an Interim Report in September 2004, which assessed the progress made at these sites six months after implementation. Those initial findings are expanded on here by providing additional data (from interviews with key staff and victims, and from cases going through the courts) during the first operational year.

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Recording the Process of Change. A Review of the Data Monitoring Systems at the Standing Together Specialist Domestic Violence Court

Hester, M. and Westmarland, N. (May 2005)

Standing Together commissioned this work to assess the recording and monitoring of data and evaluation methods used at the Specialist Domestic Violence Court (SDVC).

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Evaluation of Specialist Domestic Violence Courts/Fast Track Systems

Cook, D. et al. (2004)

The research, carried out in November 2003 – January 2004, evaluated five models of Specialist Domestic Violence Courts (SDVC) or Fast Track Systems (FTS) in England and Wales, namely those at magistrates’ courts in Cardiff, Derby, Leeds, West London and Wolverhampton.

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Evaluation of Wolverhampton Specialist Domestic Violence Court

Cook, D. (2003)

This report outlines the results of a one year study to evaluate the effectiveness of the Specialist Domestic Violence Court in Wolverhampton.

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