7.8 B. Guidance and Resources


A Distinct Approach: A guide to working with women offenders

Ministry of Justice NOMS Women and Equalities Group (2012)

This guide replaces the ‘Offender Management Guide to Working with Women Offenders’ published by the Ministry of Justice in 2008. This new guide aims to provide suggestions for good practice when working with women in the criminal justice system (CJS). It is aimed at a wide audience of practitioners in both the statutory and voluntary sector. We are aware that some parts may seem too ‘basic’ for some users whilst other parts may seem too ‘technical’ for other users. We hope however, that every reader will find something useful in this guidance to assist them in their practice.

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Short Study on Women Offenders

Social Exclusion Task Force (2009)

This joint Cabinet Office and Ministry of Justice short study takes a look at how to better meet the complex needs of women offenders, and reap the benefits of earlier, improved support. The work builds on the commitment to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society and a coordinated effort to break cycles of disadvantage.  This report reinforces the understanding of the complexity of women offenders’ lives and needs, and the interventions and systems that can make lasting and positive change.

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National Service Framework: improving service to women offenders

NOMS and MoJ (2008)

A strategic framework to achieve improved and effective service delivery to women in the Criminal Justice System to enable them to reduce their offending.

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Prison Service Order 4800

NOMS & MoJ (2008)

Written against the background of the Gender Equality Duty this PSO was introduced to ensure the different needs of women are consistently addressed across the estate as well as the generic standards which are also applicable in male prisons. Prisons will be audited against this from April 2009.

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Briefing of recommendations arising from the conference 'Securing Safety: supporting women in prison who have experienced violence and abuse'

Greater London Authority (2007)

The Securing Safety conference was held in partnership with the Greater London Domestic Violence Project, Women in Prison, Women in Secure Hospitals, Prison Reform Trust and Counselling in Prison and heard that for most women who offend, prison is an expensive intervention that does not work: it is ineffective, inappropriate, harmful and expensive.

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Strategy and Resource Guide for the Resettlement of Women Prisoners

HM Prison Service (2006)

Produced by the Women and Young People’s Group, the guide provides eight Pathways to Resettlement; Pathway Eight details support for women prisoners who have been abused, raped or who have experienced domestic violence. Replaced by the Offender Management Guide to Working with Women Offenders in 2008 (see above).

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Delivering Effective Services for Women Offenders in the Community: a good practice guide

National Probation Service & NOMS (2006)

This document seeks to identify key issues and provide a national framework for good practice in working with female offenders. Replaced by the Offender Management Guide to Working with Women Offenders in 2008 (see above).

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Good Practice in Meeting the Needs of Black and Minority Ethnic Women at Risk of Offending and Offenders

Fawcett Society

This paper provides practical information on how services can enhance their engagement with BME women. It highlights examples of good practice in meeting the needs of BME women based on telephone interviews and questionnaires to 15 organisations and race and diversity experts including the Gender and Justice Policy Network (GJPN) members.

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Together Women Leaflets

Designed for service users to give more information about the Together Women Projects set up to divert women away from the criminal justice system.

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