7.4 A. Research and Evaluations

Special Report: domestic violence at what cost?

Public Service: The Information Portal for the Public Sector (2008)

This is an online resource which brings together key thinkers and influences from the Government, lobby groups, academia and the third sector who disagree with the belief that domestic violence is a private family matter or one just for the police and who are unanimous in arguing that more can and should be done to protect victims of domestic violence.

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Domestic Violence and Employment

Swanberg, J. E. and Logan, T. K. (2005)

This exploratory study sought to gather detailed information about how domestic violence affects women’s employment, specifically to identify the types of job interference tactics used by abusers and their effects on women’s job performance, identify and understand the context associated with disclosure about victimisation to employers and co-workers and identify the supports offered to employees after disclosure.

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S2 Blueprint for Action: Manage the Workplace Environment

Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence (2008)

A report from a conference in the USA which sets out how domestic violence can be addressed in the workplace. This includes encouraging employers and brokers to ask about the capabilities of Employee Assisted Programmes (EAPs) for identifying and addressing domestic violence issues for the workforce when soliciting proposals and encouraging EAPs to proactively share their domestic violence programmes as value-added strategies for employers when bidding for their business.

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