7. Agencies to assist individuals (victim/survivor)


Preventing domestic violence and abuse and supporting those who have experienced violence and abuse involves a co-ordinated response and needs a multi-agency approach to be effective. This toolkit recognises that those seeking assistance will access the services of agencies other than the Criminal Justice System.

There are a number of agencies which can provide assistance to survivors of domestic violence. These agencies and organisations can be in the statutory or the voluntary sector. Survivors can seek assistance from a number of different agencies, depending on their circumstances and needs.  A number of the agencies also do preventative work.

This section will provide an overview of the agencies, and relevant processes within those agencies, that can provide assistance to survivors of domestic violence:

7.1 - Accommodation and Housing

7.2 - Benefits and Finances

7.3 - Drug and Alcohol Agencies

7.4 - Employment

7.5 - Health Service

7.6 - Independent Domestic Violence Advisors

7.7 - Legal Advice or Representation

7.8 - Prison, Probation Services and Court Diversion Programmes

7.9 - Sexual Assault Referral Centres, Independent Sexual Violence Advisors and Rape Crisis

7.10 - Specialist Domestic Violence Court Programmes

7.11 - The Crown Prosecution Service

7.12 - The Police

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